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Title: Tales from the Porn Side
Tales from the Porn Side

Bad Attitudes and Threats To Talent Will Not Be Tolerated
Wed 16th Aug 2017
Bad Attitudes and Threats To Talent Will Not Be Tolerated


In the wake of Stoya and Nikki Benz there has been a spate of complaints from new performers with "producers" , and that term is used loosely to describe those on the fringes of the adult business who are not in it for the purpose of this article.
Bad attitudes, intimidation, unwanted advances and threats will not be tolerated  as model performers will talk among themselves and if you are reading this wondering if this allegation is aimed at you, then,  if the shoe fits it probably is and models probably know about you already.
Professional producers, that is , those who are established and known to the business do not conduct themselves in a way to make models feel uncomfortable and unsafe  and it is strongly advised that models do not write their experiences off with these abusive producers and suffer in silence as it just perpetuates this behaviour to happen to someone else.
Consider this friendly advice as continued violations of basic good manners and etiquette could earn you a bad reputation which is not a good start to do any business.
If you have any issues with this matter then address it in person by attending the next UKAP meeting on November 9th or email: admin@ukaduktproducers.org 
UKAP understand there may be a need for basic understanding with those new to the producing in the adult content community and if you need help understanding what that means with running your business within legal guidelines then get in touch with those who have a wealth of understanding these matters 
Discussion started at ItsAdult Talk HERE

Follow @UKAPHQ @itsadult and @NakedTruthGuy  and visit the producers forum at www.ukadultproducers.org  


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