Editor: Myles Jackman
Title: Obscenity Lawyer
I am the only lawyer in the UK who specialises in obscenity law and sexual freedoms

ORG London: Stop UK Censorship Of Legal Content
Fri 5th May 2017
ORG London: Stop UK Censorship Of Legal Content

ORG Legal Director Myles Jackman and feminist pornographer and sexual liberties campaigner Pandora Blake discuss the Digital Economy Bill and what it could mean for you. The event was organised by ORG London and it was held at Newspeak House.


Age Verification for Online Pornography and Privacy

Compulsory age verification poses serious privacy concerns that are not addressed within the Bill. Commercial pornographic websites may collect the exact identity details of their users, creating clear commercial opportunities for themselves.

Data collection creates inherent risks of data breaches and the lack of safeguards within the Bill creates opportunities for 'Ashley Madison' style data leaks revealing personal sexual preferences; since privacy protections are entirely absent from the Bill.

Amateur and smaller commercial websites will be unduly burdened by the Bill. Imposing the cost of age verification on them will make their existence as free and commercial entities untenable. This may also adversely affect sexual minorities by denying them the means to freely express their sexuality.

Read more about this on Myles Jackmans site

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