Editor: Jerry Barnett
Title: Sex & Censorship
The Sex & Censorship campaign sets out to challenge the myths and rumours. We aim to reach out to journalists and politicians and ensure that scare stories are not used to introduce yet more laws and regulations that further restrict our access to information that is freely available elsewhere.

Sun 23rd Apr 2017


For a long time, I’ve predicted that the “porn panic” was leading to mass website blocking. Recently, this very measure was introduced to the draft Digital Economy Bill. Britain is set to be the world’s first democracy with a powerful Internet censor. So I went to BBFC HQ in Soho Square to rant about it. 

We've cherry picked the relevant parts for ItsAdult.com but Jerry Barnetts cause is bigger than porn and sexual freedom in that he covers civil liberties and the rise of fascism with a dash of gender politics thrown in. Do visit his site SexAndCensorship and support his fight by buying his book Porn Panic. It is a very interesting read and with the knowledge gleaned from it it will help you keep ahead of what is going on with the law and how it could impact your business

"This book is to the adult industry what The Art Of War is to stock brokers. Know the rules tothe game. This book has them both. A must read" 

                                                                           - Naked Truth Guy

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