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The Best Time To Network For Business
Sat 17th Jun 2017
The Best Time To Network For Business


If your main motive to attending industry events is to network and generate business then consider your return on investment wisely by thinking about the things that would make your time and effort attending profitable.

The best time to attend  would be from when the doors open. The first two hours are pivotal to making contact because this is when other business minded people turn up and are more  likely to engage in in conversation. As the evening wears on you have to contend with the rising hubbub of a crowd and loud music which makes networking more difficult and most likely to forget what was discussed if you are  suffering a hang over the next day or even a few days later when an event seems like a distant memory.

The early bird catches the worm is a great saying and a philosophy to live by when doing business. If you attend these events to network and get the best out of the evening then consider this. Always get to a party within 2 hours of the door opening. If attendees are in town from a previous meeting such as UKAP (podcast of a typical meeting) then this is on the back of a long day of discussions and are all in town to network for business and are least likely to stay beyond 11pm. All you late arrivals take note.

Business people spend all day talking about business that within a couple of hours after arrival they will be in social mode so not as effective to conduct a business discussion. There are exceptions to this generally this is most likely an accurate structure based on years of observation
Where social events are preceeded by meetings such as UKAP, then that would be a better to attend and carry on conversations prior to  a party because most of the producers and company reps have trains and planes to catch after meetings therefore unable to attend. Age may also be a factor. Not everyone likes shouting over loud music to be heard

if you would like to join UKAP subscription is £50 a year. Its a small price to pay for the information you can get and is a great place to meet people and make contact that are important tothe business and provide support and advice. Contact admin@ukadultproducers.org

Follow @itsadult @UKAPHQ and check the events here www.itsadult.com for forthcoming events 

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