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Title: Tales from the Porn Side
Tales from the Porn Side

The Etiquette Of Cancelling Shoots
Thu 24th Aug 2017
The Etiquette Of Cancelling Shoots

There's nothing more infuriating than a cancelled shoot. Especially if it's been booked for some time and everything you've done towards that end has come to nought. It wastes everyone's time and money and effort and can lead to major distrust issues with those involved.
The kind of losses incurred could range from booking a venue to shoot, whether it is a hotel, studio, make up artists and crew. Even though no one got paid, there is always inevitably loss of money somewhere
Both models and producers can be guilty of this but there are times when cancellations do happen for genuine reasons. No one is going to be at their best if they are genuinely ill or hit by personal tragedy or genuinely involved with an incident that prevented them from arriving
Everyone knows it is insensitive to expect someone to work over a recent bereavement  but it does happen and when it does you can understand the doubt that comes with it. Especially if the source of that cancellation is known to have a history of being unreliable
However, if shoots are cancelled for good reasons then it's only fair to reduce wasting more time by informing all concerned as soon as possible. Even on the morning itself. Try to send a text and get into the habit of checking your phone first thing in the morning and then again before you start your journey

If a cancellation is made en route to the shoot or even at the location it is unfortunate but it does happen. The main point is to inform all concerned within a reasonable time where other arrangements can be made to make use of their wasted day
If the production is at fault, they may offer a "kill fee" to soften the disappointment. Production faults can be a flood at the location or a technical aspect that went wrong. It's usually at the discretion of the producer to do this as a gesture of good will.
If a producer is known for being a regular let down then it's the models prerogative to ask for a deposit to offset against the total fee that is non refundable to ensure a shoot goes ahead. If you are guilty of being unreliable then you should question your motives for being in the business in the first place and maybe consider being part of a photo club instead and usually they need the funds up front and paid in full for this same reason, especially where other photographers are concerned such as in a photographic club. The model always gets paid if they have turned up for the job
Cancellation fees can be abused and are reserved for established models of trust and good standing and usually at the producers discretion depending on who was at fault for the shoot cancellation in the first place
It was a popular thing for photographers to book models on a go see by giving them a token amount to secure good will against a photo shoot happening but this didn't last long when less professional models, mainly newbies failed to show up.
Established and reputable models are allowed to request an advance deposit against the agreed fee with new producers  as they have more to lose if this trust is abused

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