Millie Santoro
Vital Statistics
Dress Size:
5ft 4in - 162cm
Chest Size:
36 d
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown
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About Millie Santoro

Hi my name is Millie Santoro,
I'm new to the business yet giving it my best I hope to make a lasting impression, I enjoy being naughty and doing all kinds of role play .. I love to be naked and embrace ones self in its natural form .. as thats what makes me feel free . I got a naturally bubbly personality and enjoy talking to people about there fantasies and helping them live them for real. I recently shot my first BG shoot with Dusk Films for their Nerd Pervert Brand. I even collaborated with some key points of the story and really got involved.

I hope to have lots of content soon.

Loads of love millie santoro xxx

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