Behind any great website are content providers and we have teamed up with some of the best in the industry. Our contributors specialise in different areas of the industry and offer a lot of great inside information to the porn industry.

Editor: Jerry Barnett
Title: Sex & Censorship
The Sex & Censorship campaign sets out to challenge the myths and rumours. We aim to reach out to journalists and politicians and ensure that scare stories are not used to introduce yet more laws and regulations that further restrict our access to information that is freely available elsewhere.

Editor: Myles Jackman
Title: Obscenity Lawyer
I am the only lawyer in the UK who specialises in obscenity law and sexual freedoms

Editor: Terry Stephens
Title: The Naked Truth Podcast
Resource to understanding the UK Adult business

Editor: Paul Taylor
Title: UK Porn Podcast
In our Episodes you will hear from some of the industries most active working people. Producers, performers and sometimes photographers and web masters.