Bare Back Parties Spark Demand For Test Inspections

Furious performers are calling for those who do bare back parties to show 3 months of back to back tests or face blacklisting

Published Sun 11th Feb 2018
By itsAdult / Health

Bare Back Parties Spark Demand For Test Inspections



Furious  performers  are calling for party girls who work in the adult buisness and do bare back parties to show 3 months of back to back tests or face blacklisting

Bare Back Parties featuring performers advertised on Twitter are sparking concerns from performers for action to be taken to reduce the risk of STIs being introduced into the production environment.
It is a flagrant disregard for the health of your peers to be reckless and do Parties without using protection with complete strangers whose sexual history is unknown to those they are performing with
Performers are demanding inspections of 3 months of clear tests before working with those found to be working BB parties. Black listing is not a deterrent. It just forces the problem out of sight and out of mind but performers and producers can refuse to work with anyone they deem to be violating the trust required when it comes to your health and creates a toxic environment if  you cannot trust the person you are working  with. 
"It's  bad enough performers have unprotected sex for video productions but the fact everyone is tested and cleared to work with helps to  reduce risk. Working with people who have no tests  compromises the results of testing instantly"
The  organiser of Bare Back events at the source of this discontent was called out for his promoting of yhese events and claimed it was *down to the adults to ensure they had tests" before blocking the complainant.
Anyone organising these parties should recognise they can be held culpable for health and safety under employee liability laws if seen to be running a business which is not difficult if you are selling places to attend on Twitter with several thousand followers.
This is not an attack on responsible event organisers who can prove duty of care by explaining how they ensure safety measures are in place with regards to those performing at sex parties. The same rules producers abide by should be applicable to those who run parties and those who perform at them have a civic duty to remind party organisers of this
It is irresponsible to assume trust with people who put their fun ahead of safety and men should  be just as concerned about the cases of Syphillis and gonorreah  that has blighted the business in recent months.
This topic will be tabled for discussion at the UKAP General Meeting on Wednesday 21st March. If you want to do anything about this and have a say then register your intention to attend by email
Untreated STIs: Worst case scenarios


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