Cyber Bullying And The Adult Business

Helpful advice on how to deal with cyber bullying and recommended contact if you need a listening ear

Published Mon 8th Jan 2018
By itsAdult / Health

Cyber Bullying And The Adult Business

Bullying and threatening behaviour towards those in the adult business has been discussed before but it seems to continue resulting in more casualties and fatalities if you consider the recent deaths of August Ames, Yurizan Beltran and Shyla Stylez and not forgetting Alyssa Funke who shot herself in 2014 after being bullied by her former class mates
Social media seems to be the common source of persecution and the recommended short term solution to this problem is is to switch off your device or use the mute or block option on users that offend you in the same way you would if you don't like something on TV. Switch off or change the channel. Dont even think about it because the people that make those hurtful comments find it easier to comment on what they dont know about. They dont live your life, they dont know your pain but its so easy to comment and retweet. Dont be so dependent on pleasing your followers. If you have many of them then the burden is much greater to try and meet their approval
 The problem with social media and bullying is that it has increased negativity behaviour distrust and decension within the business community resulting in depression and mental illness that has seen a number of performers leave the business for being unable to cope with the constant onslaught of body shaming, misogyny and moral discrimination that has forced talent like Bella Rose and Remy LaCroix to quit the business and become independent outside the business. Even our very own Kaz B talked about the bullying on social media right here on
"People need to be reminded that these are real people with feelings that we are dealing with. These girls are someones daughter, friend, loved one and we need to be respectful and mindful of that" said UKAPs chaiman, Terry Stephens
Another contributing factor to the infighting witnessed on social media could be down to the competitive nature that comes with a business where success and achievement may be a contributing factor to the sniping.
Its far too easy to pick up your device and spout all kinds of rubbish to hurt peoples feeling to compensate for your own insecurities. Its the cheapest shot you can play to make yourself feel better by putting everyone else down and its important to recognise it and kick it to a stop when you see it
No one saw the outcome with August Ames said Keiran Lee in The Sun and thats why its important we work together as a community to observe anyone suffering in silence and point them in the right direction of those who may be able to help them at least with good advice and a listening ear.
One ear we can highly recommend is Lacey Starr who is a qualified therapist and if you need to contact her then you may do so on the link. This will be dealt with in a strictly confidential manner on a one to one basis.

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