Notice Of Risky Sex Practices In The Adult Industry

Reports of risky sex practices and inconsistent paperwork required for work are causing major concerns within the adult video production sector. Please observe the rules and keep the business safe for everyone

Published Fri 30th Mar 2018
By itsAdult / Health

Notice Of Risky Sex Practices In The Adult Industry



There has been a significant increase with escorts and swingers crossing over into adult video productions and whilst this is great for the adult business it also gives way to some  concerns you should all pay attention to.

There have been a few indicators that those within higher risk groups such as escorting/ swinging and the party girls sector are not tested to an adequate standard with HIV and syphilis tests done every 3 months.

Due to the prevalence of many sex workers offering OWO, CIM etc, these workers need to ensure due diligence when it comes to getting tested if they are going to continue shooting with other in the adult video production business. It is imperative  all performers have a full STI and blood test within 14 /28 days whichever is relevant and have these tests available for inspection on your paperwork if asked for by a production company or performer. These tests are to include:

  • Rectal, oral and vaginal swabs
  • Full blood swabs including HIV/ Syphilis, hep b and c. 

These tests must be done by a clinic and endorsed with your ID to prove it is your test results.  Home testing kits are not acceptable
Some perofmrers have reported that the clinics have not asked them. Clinics cannot spot the difference between a porn star and a civilian member of the public so you need to tell them you work in the adult industry and be mindfult to observe they give you the correct test resuylts and procedures

It is crucial for all sex workers who do parties, especially where the event organizers do not check for test results that those who do this check  test results carefully to ensure it is in date and all the relevant test results are shown on the paper work

It is also of great concern that those who work in porn with regular performers are offering full bareback services on their work profiles if “clients” can produce a health cert.

Be advised you are at risk of introducing infections into the business and compromising your own health into the bargain

It is in the interests of the adult industry community to observe and adopt this advice as standard business practice knowing that Incubation times for STI’s vary and a 1 month test from so called “clients” is not sufficient or acceptable.

We urge everyone concerned not to risk their health and the health of others.

Lets’ keep the industry clean and safe as possible for all working in it.

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