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Paul Markham Documentary

Paul Markham, retired content producer living in Eastern Europe on the job shooting girly pics, talks about his life in porn to film maker Reggie Durango

Published Fri 11th Mar 2016
By itsAdult / Tales from the Porn Side

Paul Markham Documentary


Paul Markham was one of the top content producers in this industry working in the UK from the mid 80's to mid 90's before he relocated to Prague and is someone who's been in the game for more years than most webmasters today have been alive. He has access to an abundance of hot women willing to do anything to make decent money and has a reputation of always being fair to his girls. He has retired in recent years and with the amount of time he's spent in the game he's someone you want to talk to so as to draw on his wealth of experience. 
Interview from AmbushInterview
Question #1
What the fuck makes you think young women still want to have sex with you?

The same thing that made me think they wanted to have sex with me 40 years ago. Ego, confidence and I have money.Seriously I treat a girl like a lady, talk to her, make her laugh and give her respect. But it would be best if you ask this quetion to my wife Eva. She's 27 and we have been together over 7 years. 

Question #2
Where do you live and why?

Eva and I started coming here to shoot 7 years ago, Eva is Czech. I found the girls better looking, more open sexually and less argumentative than women in the UK. The illusion that the girls would be more willing to work because of the need for the money is wrong. When people have less to spend than those around them they will do things for money. When those around you have as little as you do, you learn to want for less. We pay similar money as UK shooters. I love living here. Yes, our money goes further than in the UK or US, but it's the slower pace of life I really like. Just thought of another reason I like living here.It's an excellent place to bring up children. Our 3 year old will go swimming today, skiing Wednesday, she plays in a kids play area organised by mall, while we shop and I'm not so scared about what will happen to her as I would be in the UK or US. 

Question #3
Did you ever work as a porn star stud?

Yes. I Was in a few movies in the late 60s. Did it so I could spend my time roaming around Europe living the hippy life. Then in the late 70s when I was married first time and we were broke I turned back to it. Then in the mid 90s I did some older/younger scenes. Some are for sale on my site. Its not as much fun as people imagine. You have a director telling you what to do, a camera so close you feel like it's stuck up your arse and the girl were not always my choice.

Question #4
Do only faggots work in the clothing/fashion industry?

No. It was my second choice as a career after leaving school, first one was to be a chef. But the hours sucked, while my friends were out having fun I was working. The family business is the clothing manufacturing industry, my great grandfather was a master embroiderer, so it was natural choice. Also with all those women working behind sewing machines a great place to meet women. My first wife was a dress maker. 

Question #5
Talk about office furniture.

Best job I ever had. I used to sell installations of furniture rather than the one off desk and chair. Getting a sale that earned $2,000 in comission was cool. To sell an installation you got involved in how the office worked, what different tasks people did, who they related to and a lot more. Then went away and planned it out on the drawing board. Was very challenging and rewarding. 

Question #6
How did you get started in the porn business?

Back in 1968 I was hitch hiking around Europe doing odd jobs to buy food and drugs. Got to Amsterdam and met a guy looking for extras to apear in a film about Vikings. I was six foot, well built with a lot of hair so fit the part. When I got to the location I found out it was a porn film and got to join in on the orgy scene at the end. Did well enough that I was asked to come back and be in the next production a month later. Then is the late then in 1977 the clothing factory I owned went bankrupt and turned to the only thing I knew would make us fast money off the books, the reciever had access to my bank account. It was then that I heard people pay good money for pictures of naked girls, via mail order. so shot some pics of my wife and a few girls I knew and put an advert in some mens magazines. Was amazed at how many times we sold a set of photographs and the profit margins. 100 GBP for the model, film and processing. Would shoot three rolls of 36 in different settings, get each roll printed 10 times. This would give me over 1,000 photographs that I sold for 10 GBP a set of 10. advertising was the main expense, but still a nice profit from very little work. Then moved into the video market and the rest is history. 

Question #7
Do you have your models tested for STDs before you shoot/fuck them?

Before we shoot boy girl they have to show us a recent FULL test. If Eva and I have a threesome I use a condom. Problem here is the kids are very reckless and do not use any protection as most of the girls are on the pill. So lots of nasty infections going around. 

Question #8
What's the most amount of women you've ever had sex with in one day? At one time?

Not sure if I remember but we recently had a 4some with two other girls. When is a regualr girlfriend the other was posing with her and thought she would try it out the night before. They were staying over night with us. My first wife and I were swingers and we went to swingers parties, sometimes it was 1-2-1, or more, sometimes it was a melee with as many people as wanted. The most professionally was 5, did two threesomes and a straight couple scene once. Went home with a sore back and a fistful of cash. Numbers are not important though, sex is not a competition or race. It's like a quality wine, best enjoyed with care, appeciation and some one special.

Question #9
Talk about what happens in a police raid? Why did it happen?

It's not nice. They have a search warrant that allows them to look wherever they wish, they can rip up floor boards or take down walls if they want to. They usually come in very early in the morning, waking you up to catch you off guard. there will be 4 to 8 of them and the idea is to intimidate you. They will look every where and fill up large strong plastic bags, which they label. If you have the brains you phone your lawyer and he will get them to list everything, but if the police get pissed expect them to get very nasty and start tapping walls to see if any are hollow. They might tell you what the raid is about and they might not, best thing is to keep quiet and just follow them around. Producing porn is the 80s and 90s in the UK was not easy. I've been raided for producing porn and for selling unlicensed videos. Only been charged for selling unlicensed videos. Most nerve-racking visit from the police was not a raid. About 12 years ago the door bell rang and my secretary went downstairs to answer it. She called for me to come down and as I was going down two men were walking up the stairs. I immediately went on the offensive and told them to stop there and tell me whom they were. They produced police IDs and said they were from Peckham (in south London) Murder Squad and wanted to talk to me. I took them in the studio and they said I had nothing to worry about this was just routine enquiries. This did nothing but worry me more. They then started to interview me about a girl I had no knowledge of and could not find in my records. She knew me, where the studio was and how I advertised for models. They interviewed me very aggressively for an hour, telling me in the middle she had been horribly knifed to death. At the end of the interview they relaxed and told me the facts. The murdered girl had been a hooker working from home. She had kept notebooks on every meeting and telephone conversation she had as a working girl. They had 12 notebooks to go through. They had thought before meeting me the girl had only spoken to me on the phone, but had to "Eliminate me from their enquiries."

Question #10
How many people do you employ? What do they do? 

Eva shooting, accounting and senior management. Katka, make up and shooting. Katka, correcting images. Jana, shooting. Franta, programmer. He's just gone part time and we will replace him. Martin, programmer. Martin, maintaining content on the Net. Pavel, editing videos. As the paysite grows we will take on someone to submit and manage the traffic/affiliate program. Radka, house keeper. Me, dumb arse. 

Question #11
Talk about your paysites?

Not much to talk about at the moment. we launched www.paulmarkhamteens.com back in December and so far pretty pleased with what it's doing. I'm trying out different things with the tours and driving traffic to learn what works and what does not. Lots of people are offering to take it over and manage, run or help. But if I let others do it I will not learn myself. It's not like we need the money, more like I need the challenge of conquering another hill. We have two new tours we are putting the finishing touches to, if they work we will extend the affiliate program. But I want to get it right before I start taking other people traffic in a big way. Got two clients with big sites sending us traffic and there traffic converts at under 1:40, which I do not think is good enough for membership traffic from similar sites. that's it really, we sign up around 30 to 40 a week and the numbers are growing. we do little to drive traffic at it other than Chameleon Auto Submitter and a few partner accounts. 

Question #12
Who do you look up to in your business? Down on? 

So many, but to name a few. Steve Colby, John Mason, Joanie Alumn, Jack Harrison, Steve Hicks, suze Randall, Lindsay Honey (Ben Dover) John Stagliano (Buttman) >From this end of the porn business, Bailey Brown (www.sapphicerotica.com) Lightspeed, Mr Skin, JFK, Meat and Aga from Netpond. BUT ALL TAKE SECOND PLACE BEHIND EVA MARKHAM FORGOT ABOUT LOOKING DOWN. Idiots, those who think it's easy, those who think they have something to offer when they cleary do not. But above all those who insult my profession and what I have tried to do right for the last 27 years. 

Question #13
Why do you come to GFY?
To promote our business and learn about the Adult Internet. Made some money, learned some things and best of all made some friends.

Question #14
Are you a swinger?

I was with my first wife during the late 70s and early 80s. But not today.

Question #15
What's the best thing that's ever happened to you? Worst? 

This one is easy to answer. The best thing that ever heppened to me was Eva, she gave my life new meaning and purpose. The worse was losing my father. He died fairly young and the last time we talked we argued. 

Question #16
Just how fucking old are you anyway?

Born 22nd of August 1950, I will be 55 this August. I think about retiring all the time, only problem is I would not know what to do with my self. Maybe I could sit on a beach for a few weeks, but I would soon miss Eva and Victoria, our daughter, maybe just do more shows and less studio and office work.

Question #17
Is it smart to have family members working in your business?

Normally I would say no, but in our case the answer is yes.

Question #18
Has anyone ever tried to extort you?

Yes and they succeeded. Back in the days when I ran a clothing factory and it's the reason I went bankrupt. These days I'm a bit more careful, if I buy custom content, design or programming we pay when the goods are delivered and approved. Or we put it on my Visa so if the goods do not arrive as ordered I can charge back. But I often get idiots approach me with a mailing list off 50K active webmasters. Idiots do not think for themselves and realise I have a mailing list and know how many are active and how hard it would be to collect that many. They disappear when I offer them a cut from the mailing rather than a straight purchase. 

Question #19
Post pics of your house and talk about it and any other real estate you own.

Sorry no can do, home is private. 

Question #20
What kind of car(s) do you have?

I have a Ford Focus Ghia estate. Good for doing trips where I can put all the equipment in the back. Had it nearly three years and no intention of replacing it until it starts to go wrong. Not into fancy or expensive cars. This picture is from a lesbian voyeur shoot we did.

Question #21
How many adult conventions do you attend a year?

Not enough. We tried to get to Vegas this year and because of our daughter having to go to hospital never made it, she's fine now. I might go to Pheonix at the last minute but with new staff to train it's unlikely. I will definitely be in Prague in April for that show and Eva and I will try to make it to Miami this year.

Question #22
Talk about image theft.

10 years ago it was my only contact with the Internet, I spent a lot of time chasing people who were stealing my content from a collection of CD discs I had made of my content and scanning from magazines. What I did not realise was many of the people stealing were doing so because they did not know where to buy from. Ishould of looked on them as a potential customer. Today if we find someone stealing we go after them, contacting their sponsor, hosting and even URL registration. I think there is money to be made by someone pursuing these people and the sponsors who reguarly allow stolen content to be used for their boards promotion. Offer them to buy a more expensive license after the theft or go to court. Needs a legal brain to organise it and I'm not that.

Question #23
What kind of photography equipment do you use? 

Nikon D1X and D100 for digital. Canon EOS 3 & 5 for film work. Sony VX200 for video. Nothing spectacular but they work.

Question #24
Do you fly first class? Why?

Yes it's my one luxury. However when I fly with Eva she insists on flying coach so I sit with her. I hate flying and going first class eases the pain, the business pays for it anyway.

Question #25
Talk about the legal and government issues for business where you live.

Not much to talk about really. The Czech Republic has a more adult approach to porn than some countries and other than having a CZ corporation, paying taxes, employing people I have little to do with the law.

Question #26
Acacia. Discuss

I think for this industry based in the US this could of been disasterous. It was not so much the threat from Acacia, IMO they are a badly managed company, it was more the threat from the Patent Licensing business in whole that concerned me.

Question #27
Do you let models come to your home?

Depends on the model. If a girl is from a long way we will let her stay over night, assuming we feel she will respect our home. Learnt very early on in my career that letting them come 3 hours on a bus before a shoot results in having a tired model. Also having her there the night before allows you to socialise and get to know each other. What we try to do is very intimate and personal, doing that with a stranger is harder than doing it with a friend. 

Question #28
Discuss drugs and the models in your area.

Nothing to discuss the two things do not go together. It's too easy for a model to scream she was under the influence of drugs or alchohol while she was doing the work. Also if she knows you are doing drugs and has a problem with you, then a phone call to the police drops you in deep shit. 

Question #29
How desperate for work are the models in your area?

Not desperate at all. There are many crews coming to CZ to shoot, practically on a daily basis, and girls can get work at between $400 to $2,000 a day. In a country where the average wage for working class is $400 a month that's a nice chunk of change. Also there is less pressure to earn money here than in say the US. People here for many years had little and had learned to live that way. So the idea that you can entice someone from a poor area with money, to do something they would not do is wrong. More chance of enticing a girl from LA, with money than CZ. Plus she will have more things to spend it on and will need more sooner. 

Question #30
Are there any organized crime affiliations linked to your work in your geographical location?

You've been reading too many novels or maybe just the right wing press telling us how porn and organised crime are connected or that Eastern Europe is run by the mafia. Never had any dealings with them at all. We were in the US a few weeks ago and I had to find a doctor to sort out me and my flu. The receptionist was asking my mother if Czech was safe and that she would be scared if her son lived there. This is a woman who's a doctors receptionist and lives in So Cal. I would say there are less murders in Czech than police killing the wrong people in CA. I'm safe and touched by your concern. 

Question #31
Have you ever been drunk or high at a webmaster/ adult convention?

No never, I go to conventions to do business not party. I'm very boring really. 

Question #32
Discuss international borders and crossing them in this business.

Used to have a problem going in and out of the UK, my passport was on a "WATCH" list and they would pull me over and search my luggage. I was down on the computer as a pornographer and needed extra watching, they never found anything. 

Question #33
What is your educational background?(high school/college)

I left school shortly before my 15th birthday and for the last year had played truant most days. left without a single award, result or diploma. which when you think of what I achieved since then is a shame on the school and system. I found school boring,frustrating and useless. I could read write add and subtract and knew a fair bit about history, geography and Religious studies. When I asked to be included in the cooking classes, becasue I intended being a chef and loved to cook, was told it was for girls only. When you consider I've design office interiors and earnt a fortune with a camera, the fact that I struggled to get an F at Art is an example of how bad the school I attended was. Hated school and one of the best days of my life was the day I left school. 

Source: www.AmbushInterview.com


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