Performer Comments On Lapse In Health Testing Standards On Return To The Adult Industry

An established performer comments on the lapse in standards with health testing on her return to the business and offers a basic reference for performers as a guide to raising standards

Published Thu 15th Mar 2018
By itsAdult / Health

Performer Comments On Lapse In Health Testing Standards On Return To The Adult Industry
"People forgot the fear that came with AIDs and HIV because they have never known it"

Credit is given to Sahara Knite for the following article addressing the lapse in standards she has observed since returning to the adult business. We have provided the points she raised in her tweets as a reference for those who may be new or unaware of the standards required to work in the adult industry 
All Performers Take Note
New performers should talk to established performers about the standards of tests  required. Generally this is
Non blood tests (swabs)

  • Rectal
  • Throat
  • Vaginal/ Penile for Chlamydia and  Gonorreah
Blood Tests

Hepatitis C 
HIV 1&2
*This is not always tested for
Your test should be checked against your ID to make sure the person named on the test is the same as the one in the ID
There is no special consideration for those claiming they only do girl on girl sexual activity. All female performers  should have all three swabs done (rectal, oral and vaginal) If either of you have sex with males, share toys or use each fingers for penetration or oral in the scene or your private life then you are still at risk. Some STIs do not require you to have sex to contract syphillis.
Performers should not feel awkward about asking questions about  even at the risk of cancelling the shoot if there is something to be concerned about.
Male Cross Over Performers

Its important that performers get the same tests as trans perfomers that includes oral and rectal swabs. This is often overlooked and could reduce the STI results greatly if tested for 

Home Testing Kits

Home STI swabs and blood testing kits adminstered by yourself and send off for results in the post is unacceptable if you are performing because there is no proof of the person being who they are without tests to confirm they are who they claim to be and the test cannot be validated  to confirm this
There is an inherent risk working in the adult industry as there is in life, but if we work to a specific standard and follow procedures and protocol we can minimise the risk of contracting STIs
One Last Thing

Once you have your test, make sure you check to see all the necessary results are on your paperwork. Do not turn up to a shoot and say the clinic/ testing facility forgot to add the result as it just wastes everyone's time and could compromise the results of other peoples tests if they take the risk and work with you
Faking certs is also illegal and in the event of a dispute arising from illness  could be used against you in a court of law
Further reading: STIs in the adult industry 

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