3CA Limited

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01539 721002
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We specialise in the adult entertainment industry and, like you, we are professional and discreet and we don’t judge. We care for and about our clients. We understand your industry and make sure pay the least amount of tax while making sure you stay totally within the law. As chartered accountants you can rely on our professional standards.

Too often we see people paying too much tax because they think HMRC won’t “approve” of certain expenses. By talking to our clients we avoid this and make sure they claim as much as is legally allowable to minimise their tax liabilities while all the time helping them plan their financial futures.

We want clients to be financially secure both in the short and long term. Small steps in the beginning become huge leaps in the future. Helping our clients buy their own property is immensely satisfying. To this end, we work closely with mortgage brokers who understand the uniqueness of the adult entertainment industry.

Our aim is to make sure our clients don’t have to worry about the financial side of their business allowing them to concentrate fully on what they do best.

And if you want reassurance read what our clients say about us at

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