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2 months
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Our daily talk show on Internet Radio/TV is our main platform for promoting our adult industry partners.

The main focus of the show is to boost the exposure and visibility of the business and professional profiles of our partners. During the show, our hosts engage the partners of Adult Industry Talk in live, interactive discussion about their talents, products, services, activities and events.

The segments of the show are as follows:

News & Information
Business Profile Interviews
Talent Profile Interviews
Talk Sex & Relationship
Complaints & Reviews

The show also features compelling news, reviews and interviews on hot, trending topics related to adult entertainment.

We are also a media platform for individuals and organisations to voice their views, opinions, concerns and complaints about all types of issues in the industry that impact on them in a positive or negative way.

Our partners can participate in these Promotion Guest Interviews from anywhere in the world with the use of skype, mobile phone, iPad or computer and internet access.

Millions of listeners and viewers worldwide can tune into the LIVE broadcast. They can also call into the virtual studio to join the discussion via skype, telephone or message us in the chat room.

All episodes of the show are automatically placed in the archives. Therefore persons who miss the live broadcast can still tune into the show at their convenience at anytime in the future.

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