Jon Senior Pornographic Marketing

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Most of what small business marketing and marketing generally has it's origins in porn. Porn webmasters developed split testing, the use of banner ads, affiliate schemes and popups.

Even the way the masses consume video has it's origins in the adult industry.

The next thing that porn will drive into the mainstream is VR and associated technologies. So the next few years are going to be interesting.

I can help you harness these cutting edge marketing techniques to power your business past your competitors who are too priggish to get past the graphic nature of the content.

I work with adult and mainstream businesses although you should know that if you ask for my opinion be ready for an honest answer.

I work hard and I work fast. If I decide to take you on as a client, I expect 100% dedication and commitment.

I am a three time Ironman triathlon finisher and I approach all business projects with the attitude that helped me do this. Most normal people will be begging for me to go slower or stop.

It is in my interests that you smash any goals you may have set yourself and demolish any artificial hurdles you have put in your own way - business or personal.

If you are at the point where you feel you need someone to both give you a nudge and hold you to account - it could be that we may be a good match.

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