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The Paul Raymond brand speaks for itself, so if you’re looking to capture the attention of adult consumers you need look no further. With 9 out of the top 10 best-selling adult magazines and exclusive shelf space across the UK our coverage is beyond compare.

Our magazines have a rich history in not just providing the avid readers with the naughtiest and most glamorous girls from around the world, but we also pride ourselves with our in-depth features and main stream reviews.

The extensive range of titles brings in readers of all ages and genders catering for their every need, our target audience couldn’t be more diverse. Our magazine circulations has stood steady over the years and currently we are circulating over 390,000 copies each month.

The publishing industry as a whole is in a constant state of change and at Paul Raymond we are always striving to evolve with the times. Our site taps into the digital age reader and site caters for every whim! Not wanting to be left behind we’re also moving into other fields like webcamming & Only Fans platforms, as well as pushing our social media whilst expanding our reach even further afield. 2017 see’s the Paul Raymond Awards entering its 5th year and our annual ceremony goes from strength to strength and is considered as the UK’s premium adult awards show.

There are so many opportunities to work with us from your run of the mill straight forward magazine/online advertising to sponsorship of the Paul Raymond Awards 2017 and even areas in licensing on the Paul Raymond brand.

These are exciting times ahead and this is your chance to be a part of it and to work with the UK’s biggest adult network/brand!

1st Lady of Sex
Joined Fri 29th Jan 2016 1st Lady of Sex Year Founded: 1997Telephone: 07985992730Type of Company: Producers I am a sex worker, a sexual trainer, political trainer, author, radio presenter, performer, mother, and sexual freedom activist - bit of a mouthful so I thought 1st Lady of Sex.
Joined Mon 22nd May 2017 Adored Year Founded: 2013Telephone: 0121 5168348Type of Company: Sex Toys Adored - Where Your Pleasure Comes First. The Uk's number one online sex shop selling adult sex toys, male sex toys, female sex toys and lingerie and bondage toys. Adored is the leading UK online adult sex shop where you’ll find everything you need...
Ben Dover Productions
Joined Thu 4th Feb 2016 Ben Dover Productions Year Founded: 1994Telephone: 07785222056Type of Company: Content Providers Ben Dover is one of the pioneers of the filming style that is now generally referred to as 'Gonzo Porn' or 'POV'. Although the Ben Dover brand was launched in 1995, the man behind the creation - Lindsay Honey, has been at the forefront of the UK adul...
InCrowd Capital Limited
Joined Mon 29th Feb 2016 InCrowd Capital Limited Year Founded: 2016Telephone: 07467 255002Type of Company: Funding Services adultXfunding was created to address the need for P2P & investments in the Business of the Adult Industry. We offer a wide range of exciting businesses looking to expand & new start up’s looking to launch. As the first true crowdfunding sit...
Red Roxy Studios
Joined Thu 31st Mar 2016 Red Roxy Studios Year Founded: 2010Telephone: 07739975900Type of Company: Graphics Services Red Roxy Studios is a Creative Design agency based in Málaga City, established in the UK exclusively for the Adult Entertainment business. Our focus is on providing our clients with commercial industry standard graphics for their XXX productions. We...
SBGlamour Photography
Joined Mon 22nd Feb 2016 SBGlamour Photography Year Founded: 2010Telephone: 07791 674680Type of Company: Photographers I am a full time professional glamour and adult photographer. I have worked with and for companies including Paul Raymond, Television X, The Sunday Sport, Harmony and of course UKAP. I have had my glamour work published in Mayfair, Escort, Razzle a...
Strictly Models
Joined Thu 1st Jun 2017 Strictly Models Year Founded: 2011Telephone: 07496 805 708Type of Company: Other Services Who is StrictlyModels StrictlyModels is a webcam modelling network setup to make life easy for webcam models and increase their revenue. StrictlyModels started life 6 years ago as a small group of friends on called “The only way is ...
Joined Sat 12th Dec 2015 Webstream Year Founded: 2004Telephone: 020 7183 1236Type of Company: Software Providers Build Your Very Own Interactive Business with WEBSTREAM's Easy-To-Use Media solutions We have been delivering first class interactive software and websites to the industry for over a decade allowing performers around the globe to capitalize on their...
Joined Mon 29th Feb 2016 Xcreds Year Founded: 2014Telephone: 07540765003Type of Company: Other Services Xcreds is an age verification service and payment service for online content providers. Our age-verification service: Highest match rates - mobile phone lookups, document checks, credit card lookups all within one integrated service. Lightest touch...

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