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I've been a video producer for over 25 years, originally working with cine film. I started a business in 1992 and produced over 30 DVD productions, some have been shown on the BBC, ITV and other UK television channels. In the past few years, I have been working as a photographer and video producer, specialising in making profiles for escorts and sex workers. I have worked with over 100 escorts and porn stars, on photo and video shoots.

I have had several exhibitions of my landscape and wildlife photography and have worked with many professional models and teach photography workshops for adults with learning difficulties.

With working with escorts, I set up an AW profile in 2016 and started to get in regular work from ladies and gents from all over the UK. I am based in the South West, but work a lot in London and plan trips to Newcastle, Manchester and Glasgow a few times throughout the year.
I have worked with Jess Scotland, provided her with a lot of her content, photos and videos and I have recently worked with Devon Breeze (with Jess). I have also worked with Luke Hardy, Sexy Cleo and Filthy Emma. I arrange to see Jess whenever I can and have recently been asked to work on her website for her.

With Jess asking for her own website, I have also started making profile websites for escorts, I have a portfolio that is growing, but I have done all of my own websites, including

Having been self employed in the video production area for as long as I have, I am happy to shoot, edit, produce and direct videos and arrange all my own tours and photo shoots.
I keep all my software up to date and use most Adobe programmes, like Photoshop and Premiere. Although, with Photoshop, I don’t like to go crazy with it, I feel I’m much more of a natural photographer.

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