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We are the only service in London which operates a specialised 5 day a week service to the sex worker community.

Praed Street Project (PSP) established since 1984


The Praed Street Project is a sexual health and support service for women and transsexual individuals who work, have worked or are associated with any part of the sex industry within London. It is closely linked to the Working Men Project at the Jefferiss Wing. We offer free result letters and can sent 'encrypted' emails.

Based at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, our services are free and confidential for all women regardless of nationality. We make a commitment to you to be discreet and respectful in relation to all aspects of your life.

We are a small and friendly team and would be happy to talk to you on the telephone about our services or arrange a time for you to come and meet us.

Conditions and treatments

The Praed Street Project offers:

Vaccinations against hepatitis A and B
Free condoms and some contraception, including the pill, the injection (Depo-Provera) and the contraceptive implant
Free emergency contraception (available 72 hours following unprotected sex)
Appropriate advice on sexual health at work and home, and information about infections and how to prevent them
Answers to questions about safer sex, broken condoms and other issues of concern
Information on condom use
Confidential testing and check-ups for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV (counselling is also offered with HIV testing)
Cervical smears

Our team also provides outreach services to working flats within the local area of Westminster and Kensington. We can drop off condoms and bring you news about the sex industry by prior arrangement and can offer sexual health checks within your own flat for convenience. We are discreet about your work and we will not disrupt your service.

Working Men Project established since 1994


The Working Men Project promotes sexual health and HIV prevention and is open to any man and transgender who sells sex or works within the commercial sex and adult entertainment industries. It is closely linked to the Praed Street Project at the Jefferiss Wing. We offer free result letters and can sent 'encrypted' emails.

The project offers expert help in all aspects of sexual health, including screening and treatment for sexually transmitted conditions and advice about HIV. The project is for working men of any sexual orientation, age, ethnicity or spiritual belief.

The Working Men Project is the only service that offers tests daily for men who work in the sex industry in London.

Conditions and treatments

The Working Men Project offers:

Free medicine for the treatment of STIs
Walk-in and booked appointments for cryotherapy (wart treatment), vaccinations and associated blood tests
Vaccinations against hepatitis A and B
Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) medication to men seen within 72 hours of potential high-risk exposure to HIV infection. Please note if you suspect you need PEP you need urgent assessment. You should attend the Jefferiss Wing urgently during clinic hours or the A&E department out of hours. Do not wait to attend the working men's project
Confidential testing and check-ups for STIs – we recommend you have a check-up once every three to six months, even if you feel okay
Confidential rapid HIV testing (results available after 20 minutes) with counselling available both before and after the test
Same-day HIV certificates for men who work in the adult entertainment industry
Screening and testing for tuberculosis (TB) and work closely with the TB nurse at St Mary's Hospital
Additional services

Free condoms
Advice about safe sex
Advice on pregnancy and abortion
Information and support regarding drugs and alcohol
Support with emotional problems
Further online resources

IUSW: The International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW) campaigns for the human, civil and labour rights of those who work in the sex industry.
SWISH (FORMERLY SW5) AT THT: They offer the broad range of support, advice and services to people involved in the sex industry.
UK NETWORK OF SEX WORKER PROJECTS (UKNSWP): The UKNSWP recognises and supports the rights of individual sex workers to self-determination, including the right to remain in sex work or leave sex work.
NATIONAL UGLY MUGS (NUM): National Ugly Mugs is a national organisation that aims to end violence against sex workers.

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