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Who is StrictlyModels

StrictlyModels is a webcam modelling network setup to make life easy for webcam models and increase their revenue.

StrictlyModels started life 6 years ago as a small group of friends on called “The only way is XXX” and has since attracted members from across the UK due to its reliable daily pay group with exclusive training from experienced webcam models, friendly and helpful community and increased revenue from regular advertising and our group features. The success of StrictlyModels is down to the amazing models that have joined over the years sharing their knowledge, tips and helping other members to increase their revenues.

StrictlyModels started getting noticed by some of the big names in the industry when we attended the erotica show in 2013 where we were approached by Paul Raymond magazines, who’s platform we are using to launch the UKs first webcam model digital magazine, Spearmint rhino who we collaborated with on an Adult industry party and TVX whose SHAFTA awards we sponsored.

One of the main benefits of StrictlyModels is we listen to what our models want, for example we have recently launched a 2 tier system with different benefits based on individual model’s needs.

Tier 1 - This tends to suite members new to webcamming during their first 3 months and includes 121 training or models that regularly use the studio, photographer/videographer or requires cash payments. On this tier you take home 50% of your credits, If you already using (30%) and paying the VAT (6%) it will cost you an extra 14% for free use of all our great benefits includeing getting paid daily if required.

Tier 1 benefits include

• Daily Pay
• Exclusive training with experienced webcam models
• Technical help and support
• Access to our comprehensive online training videos
• Increased traffic from our regular advertising and online features
• Free use of our webcam studios
• Free use of our Photographer/Videographer
• Content edited and uploaded on your profile
• Cash payments

Tier 2 - This is used by experienced models and models that don’t live local to the studios so can’t take full advantage of all our offerings. On this tier you will take home 60% of your credits, and as with tier 1, if you are already using (30%) and paying the VAT (6%) then this tier will only cost you an extra 4% additional fees.

Tier 2 benefits include

• Daily Pay
• Access to our online training videos
• Online help and support
• Increased traffic from our regular advertising and group features

We are able to offer this low-cost solution as we have less expenditure on studios, trainers etc. and we pass the reduction of expenditure back to our models.

On both tiers, you keep full ownership of your profile and can leave the group at any time with no penalties whatsoever.

We welcome new models to try us out for one month free from any additional charges, on top of what charging.

Strictly Models are here to help support its models and increase their earning capacity.

For more information please contact our sales team via twitter @daniel_strictly or by email on or visit

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