In a first, The Naked Truth Film Club will screen controversial film The UnSlut Project to allow the adult industry to engage with the public, media and its critics over the contentious issues the industry is accused of perpetuating.

The screening will be followed by an incisive Q&A featuring: Pandora Blake (Feminist Porn Producer), Charlotte Rose (1st Lady Of Sex), Jerry Barnett (Sex & Censorship) and Misha Mayfair (Sex Workers' Advocacy Committee) and will be chaired by Myles Jackman (Lawyer).

Terry Stephens designed The Naked Truth Film Club to consciously challenge the misinformation the industry is regularly portrayed with, saying:.

"...The message I get about women in porn is that they are all brain washed victims of men and from abusive backgrounds and made to look like they have no respect for themselves. Its quite the opposite. Women have to take great pride in their appearance to look glamorous. Any woman speaking up to defend their choice is shouted down by other women for defending their (male) paymasters. That is not the business I've been in for over 15 years. This is slut shaming in full effect. Women bullying other women by making them feel bad for what they do."

Feminist porn producer Pandora Blake stated that:

"I've heard it said that slut-shaming is punishing women for exercising their right to say "yes". Sex is all around us in advertising and media, but as a society we won't be truly sexually liberated until we lose the double standard that praises sexually active men as studs, but shames women as sluts. When this stigma manifests against sex workers, it can cost women their lives. Criminalisation of porn and sex work is a form of ideologically-motivated control of women's bodies, a hangover from the era when a women who had lost her virginity before marriage was considered "ruined goods". Whatever our gender, as humans we have the right to do what we want with our own bodies. Consent is the only moral line."

Finally, Jerry Barnett of the Sex and Censorship Campaign said:

"Throughout history, sexually liberated women, and sexual imagery of women, have been attacked and stigmatised. Today, more than ever, women who choose to revel in the role of "slut" are free to do so. But there is a growing backlash against this, coming both from the old religious right as well as sections of the feminist movement. Prudery is back in fashion, and we must fight the sexual revolution all over again."

The UnSlut Project is a documentary film by Emily Lindin which draws from her personal experience of sexual bullying. You can read about her and why she made this film here

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